I will send bulk emails, email blast and email campaign

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Are you looking for Bulk Email Blast/Bulk Email Campaign? I will send Bulk Email (Email Marketing, Email Blast, Email Campaign) as per the packages over 95% Delivery Rate. I am able to maintain High INBOX rate like more than 97% Plus. This will boost sales and Traffic, Leads & Sales of your products or services. My clients get good results from my services. I will provide you the full proof of email sending.

Complete report will be provided, once the campaign is successfully sent.

The report will contain the following:
1. Delivery Rate
2. Open rate
3. Bounce rate
4. Unsubscribe rate

We assure messages will be delivered to inbox, no junk folders or blocked messages

What It Entails

1. IP's/SMTP Rotation
2. Each and every ip is warmed and ready for bulk campaigns.
3. Every day we send detailed reports for each and every campaign sent for the day.
4. We take care of ip's and follow up the health status of ip's to ensure best inbox deliverability.
5. E-mail industry delivers 70-85% of inbox delivery rates, and we have achieved so far 97% plus inbox delivery rate, and for small campaigns we have achieved 100%.

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